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Winter Safety Tips from Metal Cross Body Shop

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Tyre safety is an all year round concern, but with winter motoring, dealing with ice and snow, it is paramount that your tyres are in good condition and correctly inflated.  


Find correct tyre pressures on-line

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If you are in any doubt on the safety or mechanical condition of your vehicle, contact  your local community dealer.

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Keeping Spending Local

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This is a community based web site designed to keep spending local and working for greener Towns.



What does it do and which should you use?

Sadly winter is the time of year your vehicle is more likely to get scuffs, dinks and dents, car parks full of shoppers and they have all brought the kids for good measure opening all doors and leaving you with one more battle scar.


These battle scars can escalate over a period and without you realising your vehicle has drastically devalued.


Don’t worry all is not lost, Metal Cross offer the most cost effective dent and scuff solution and will be able to bring your car back to its former glory to keep its value on track.



Whilst it’s ok to let a few drinks and dents mount up before getting them sorted, if you have any exposed metal it should be protected as soon as possible to prevent metal fatigue.  

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