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Plastic Welding repair service available from small repairs to larger splits and cracks.

Price available on request.


Our workshop is equipped with the latest plastic welding equipment, which is capable of dealing with all types of plastics used in the manufacture of modern bumpers or motorbike fairings etc.  


If you are in doubt about the severity of the damage to your bumper,   email Metal Cross with a photo of the bumper scratch or damage and we will get back to you with quote.

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Specialist Welding

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   Plastic Bumper

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Had an accident that’s not your fault?

A car restoration project will involve getting hold of or buying an old car that is past its best.


In some cases the vehicle may only need to be restored cosmetically.


In extreme cases it may need to be stripped down completely, taken apart and then rebuilt all over again

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Welding and plastic bumper repair service Pinner, Eastcote and Ruislip Middlesex.

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Extreme bumper repair metal cross body shop

Extreme bumper repair service Pinner

Our extreme bumper repair service can save you hundreds of pounds in replacement bumpers and mouldings, from gouges and cracks to complete breaks and splinters, we can fix it for you.


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