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Mopping & Polishing

Some vehicles paintwork suffer from UV exposure and blemishes, especially red or oranges, others have scratches or surface damage. Over time UV sunlight penetration, road grit, salt, pollution and bug splats can reduce the paints shine and appearance leaving the paint looking drab or faded.


The automotive industry over the years have used a vast array of different paints, these automotive paint finishes have different needs requiring varying levels of cut and grit to achieve the desired results.


Paint hardness can vary significantly between different makes of car, and also in some cases between different ages of the same make and model of car.


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Machine Mopping

& Polishing



We do not advise undertaking mopping paintwork yourself it looks quite an easy task but in reality you can cause far more damage to your car if you have not had proper training.

Can I mop my own paintwork?.

Have you ever wondered why cars on dealer’s forecourts always look so good?

If you are selling your car having the paintwork professionally mopped can add a few hundred pounds to your selling price.

Metal Cross offer a professional Mop and Polish service using specialist compounds and polishes giving your cars paintwork the best possible results bringing back you vehicles natural colour and vibrancy.

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