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Innovative dent protection

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Save thousands on repairs

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Dent Stop



Innovative dent protection products

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to your vehicle  

Dent Stop is an innovative product designed to absorb small impacts such as opening doors and trolley dents etc.


Dent Stop is a patented product invented by Frank Melia managing director of Metal Cross Body Shop Ltd.    Frank with over 40 years’ experience within the body repair and paint industry has dealt with more car park dents and scrapes than he cares to remember equating to hundreds of pounds of unnecessary repair bills for the unsuspecting motorist receiving these car park scars, this led him into the quest to research a cost effective solution, that not only works, but also looks great fitted to your vehicle.


After research and product development the ideal cost effective solution is in production and available to you now.

How Dent Stop works...

How to order...

Dent Stop is a unique dent and scuff protection system that comes in the form of an extra moulding with magnetic properties that allow them to be fitted and removed in seconds giving you piece of mind when parking in car parks and alike.


The Dent Stop mouldings can be supplied in matching colour to your vehicle so they don’t just protect your vehicle but also look great fitted.


They are easily stored in the boot of your vehicle, so when needed just pop them onto your vehicle averting dents and scrapes while you shop.


On your return pop them back in your boot ready for the next time.


If you are unsure of your paint code just give us a ring

or pop in and we will source it for you .

We are currently looking for retail outlets for the distribution of our products please feel free to contact us for more information.

Vin or chassis plate

Ordering could not be simpler, just use the easy order form opposite and we will contact you to confirm your order so you receive the correct product for your vehicle.

Telephone orders 020 8866 1090

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The ideal gift

           for all motorists...

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Examples prices per set

(available for all makes of cars and light commercials)

What are specialist colours.


Specialist colours are paints that cost just that bit more such as pearlescent paints and some special metallic finishes.


Do my dent stop mouldings have to be in the same colour as my car.


You can have Dent Stop mouldings in the colour of your choice.


What if I lose or damage one of my mouldings


Should you lose or damage one or all of your Dent Stop mouldings we will replace them for you at a 25% discounted price.


How do I know how to order the correct mouldings for my car.


Your cars make and registration number will tell us what mouldings your vehicle requires and your paint code will tell us what colour needed.  





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Dent Stop mouldings are for use only when the vehicle is parked and must not be used for any reason whilst the vehicle is in motion.


The above prices are  a typical guide, Dent Stop mouldings can be tailored to each individual make and model  of car.

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This vehicle has just undergone a £300 repair and paint due solely to car park dents and marks.

Had the vehicle been fitted with Dent Stop mouldings above the owner would have saved £300.

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Small car -     £35.00


Medium car - £40.00


Large car -     £45.00

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The benefits of useing Dent Stop

We are currently looking for retail outlets for the distribution of our products please feel free to contact us for more information.


The benefits of using Dent Stop mouldings are uncountable, sadly all motorists suffer at one time or another from car park dents and scuffs and even the most disconcerting motorist have inadvertently dished a few out.


These annoying battle scars we usually learn to live with promising ourselves that we will get them sorted out at a later time, but the reality is they are left and we pay the penalty when it’s time to change the car and find out it’s not quite worth what we thought due to the unrepaired damage, lease vehicles are a prime example as you are penalised for damage on its return no matter how small the damage may be.


Fitting Dent Stop mouldings when using car parks and alike will protect your vehicle when you need it most, warding off dents and keeping the value in your vehicle.

. Innovative dent protection

. Colour matched to your vehicle

. Looks great fitted

. Protects your vehicle from dents

. Keeps the residual value in your vehicle

. Gift vouchers available

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